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Rome Releases Logo in Bid to Host 2024 Summer Olympics


Rome 2024 Olympics Logo

Hoping to host the 2024 Olympic games, Rome has released an official logo in anticipation of the event.

The city last hosted the event in 1960, when Cassius Clay (aka Mohammed Ali) won boxing gold and Ethiopian marathoner Abebe Bikila ran 26.2 miles in bare feet. Rome would like to see what kind of history it can make in 2024.

The logo features Rome’s ancient Colosseum in the colors of the Italian flag. If Rome is awarded the Games, the marathon would end in front of the Colosseum, reports the Associated Press.

Rome is competing against Budapest, Los Angeles and Paris to host the Games, but the final decision won’t be made until September 2017.

“The logo for the 2024 Olympics is red, white and green because this is not a bid of Rome but of Italy,” Italian Olympic Committee president Giovanni Malago said, according to Economic Times.

Whoever it represents, Rome surely doesn’t want to follow in Tokyo’s footsteps. Tokyo’s logo for the 2020 Games had to be retracted when the world observed that it was too similar to that of Belgium’s Theatre de Liege.

Tokyo Olympics 2020

Meanwhile, in Rio, which will host next Summer’s Games, temporary power supplier Aggreko “has pulled out of a tender to provide generators to the Olympics” next year, Reuters reports. This could present a major problem for Brazil organizers, who are already dealing with pressure to cut costs and simultaneously clean up the water that Olympians will be competing in. The country is deep in recession and the government is not prepared to pick up the inevitable cost overruns that always arise when the Games come to town.

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