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Google’s Top Trends of 2015, Pizza Hut U and More



The latest branding and marketing news, campaigns and more:

Google releases annual top trends (and memes) report to recap 2015, while its driverless car business is expected to spin off as a separateAlphabet company next year.

Pizza Hut US employees and families receive Life Unboxed EDUcontinuing education as Starbucks celebrates its new college-through-work graduates.

Prada quarterly earnings drop 38 percent on China weakness.

Apple projected to “add polish, not product lines” (and no car) in 2016 as Apple and IBM pass 100 enterprise apps, spanning 14 industries and 65 professions.

ButterfingerWix and PayPal join brands heading to the Super Bowl.


Bloomingdale’s rings in the holidays on Pinterest and Instagram.

Burger King is going halal in France.

Google invests in India as key testing ground for new products.

Hasbro signs development deal with Paramount Pictures.

Imperial Tobacco plans to drop tobacco … from its name.

Krispy Kreme looks to take on Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks withfocus on coffee.

P&G releases 2015 sustainability report.

Qualcomm decides not to break up.

Target‘s wish list feature challenged on security as user data leaks online.

Trump‘s business to see ‘irreparable damage‘ — but not to the GOP brand.

Uber spurs pet adoptions with local shelters tie-in.


Lexus taps Jude Law for luxury SUV campaign.

Nike releases Kyrie Irving commercial to promote Kyrie 2 shoe

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